Morning Prayer, March 22, 2020

Morning Prayer at Home
Sunday, March 22nd

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You can use your prayer book (instructions follow) or electronic sites (URL follows at bottom).

Opening sentences for Lent—choose one, p.76, middle of the page.
Confession, middle of p.79. Use absolution, substituting “us” and “our.”
Invitatory and Psalter, p.80. For Lent, do not use Alleluia.
               Lenten antiphon, p.81, near top
For invitatory psalm in time of trouble or danger, use Ps. 103, p.733 instead of Venite or Benedictus es
Old Testament Lesson: 1 Samuel 16:1-13
Psalm 23
New Testament Lesson: Ephesians 5:8-14
Canticle: Kyrie Pantocrator, A Song of Penitence, p.90
Gospel: John 9:1-41
The Apostle’s Creed, p.96
The Prayers:
Lord’s Prayer, p.97
Suffrages A, p.97
The Collect of the Day, p.218
The Collect for Sundays, p.98
Collect for the Fourth Sunday in Lent, top of p.219
Other prayers may be added, including:
Number 69, On Sunday, p.835
Number 59, For Quiet Confidence, middle of p.832
Number 54, For Those We love, p.831
Number 44, For the Future of the Human Race, p.828
Number 18, For Our Country, p.820
Number 3, For the Human Family, p.815
A Collect for Mission, top of p.101
Intercessions for others
A Prayer of St. Chrysostom, p.102, Blessing, p.102
Conclude with The Supplication, p.154, to be used in time of war, national anxiety, or of disaster.

To say Morning Prayer with electronic resources, go to: and tap the icon for daily prayer, on Sunday, March 22