Morning Prayer & Coffee Hour, May 10, 2020

A Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

St. Paul invited followers of Jesus Christ to “pray without ceasing.”

The Cistercian monk, Brother Lawrence, told people who came to him for spiritual counsel that the practice of the presence of God could bring them the peace and satisfaction they sought.

Jesus gave his followers what we call the Lord’s Prayer when they asked him to teach them to pray.

The Way of Love, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s encouraging program to help us to develop practices for a Jesus-centered life, asks us to Turn, to Learn, and, as we take action this Sunday, to Pray—to dwell intentionally with God, recognizing that we are always in the Presence of the Divine. He invites us to have humble hearts, yet to ask boldly for the grace of God’s encompassing love.

There are some “P” words connected with prayer, and we hope that learning them, and engaging in the actions they describe, will lead us ever more into the Way of becoming “living stones” with which the Kingdom of God can be built.

Now—this strange, seemingly limited time in which we find ourselves—is a wonderful time to learn more about Program (think the Baptismal Covenant), Process (the development of a prayer life grows gradually), and Practice (choosing and using a prayer method that has meaning for each of us). I am glad to discuss this further on the telephone, or to engage in email discussions with anyone who would like to explore the rich territory of prayer. Each day of this week, there will be a prayer, and a way to use it, published in our Facebook group, and by email.

May this unexpected pause in our lives bring unexpected blessings.

Peace be with you,
Mother Georgia+
We will be hosting a Live Virtual Coffee hour on-line via Zoom this Sunday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. You may join at anytime and stay for as long as you like during the session. This is a live meeting, therefore we are taking safety precautions and will be using the “waiting room.” Please contact Laura Harrigan for information on how to join.
You can view the Virtual Worship Service at anytime and follow along using the bulletin. You can also do Morning Prayer on your own using the bulletin or you can use other electronic sites (URL follows at bottom of page).

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