Morning Prayer & Coffee Hour, June 14, 2020

Join us for our pre-recorded Virtual Morning Prayer Service which can be viewed at anytime AND our Live Coffee Hour from 9:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. Details follow below…
On this second Sunday after Pentecost, all the scriptures are about various kinds of journeys, and we remember that on the Way of Love, the seventh step is Rest. In this time of journey through a pandemic, with all the changes that have been brought about in our lives, we need to take time to rest, renew, and restore. The pause that the pandemic causes is a chance to slow down, to review, to re-assess how much of that busy stuff we had going on is really necessary. Take that inward journey to quiet, the quiet that allows you to question, and rest there with the Holy Spirit. You may hear some guidance.
We will be hosting a Live Virtual Coffee hour on-line via Zoom this Sunday from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. You may join at anytime and stay for as long as you like during the session. This is a live meeting, therefore we are taking safety precautions and will be using the “waiting room.” Please contact Laura Harrigan for information on how to join.

You can view the Virtual Worship Service at anytime and follow along using the bulletin. You can also do Morning Prayer on your own using the bulletin or you can use other electronic sites (URL follows at bottom of page).

You can join us for our Virtual Worship Service by clicking HERE. Once the video comes up, just click play (the little arrow at the bottom left).


The bulletin contains the entire service including the lessons, minus the sermon so that you can follow the service easier. It is designed to be printed on regular 8½ x 11 paper. To view/print a copy, please click HERE.

To view/print a copy of the sermon, please click HERE.


To say Morning Prayer with electronic resources, go to: and tap the icon for daily prayer, on Sunday, June 14th.