Easter Sunday Morning Prayer, April 12, 2020

Beloved in Jesus Christ,

“He is risen, he is risen, tell it out with joyful voice! He has burst his three days’ prison—let the whole wide earth rejoice.”

Do you feel that when our present hard travail is over, you will burst out of prison, too? It seems a lot of people feel that way.

Despite the strangeness of this time, we will, nonetheless, celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and a group of people from Church of Our Redeemer, Clarke Parish in Berryville, and Christ Church worked hard to make a virtual Easter celebration happen. We (the Rev. Justin Ivatts, the Very Rev. Matt Rhodes, and myself) were supported by musicians, administrators, and the Holy Spirit to bring this service for Easter together, and we hope it is rich and meaningful for you.

Please read the bulletin to see all the names of bright spirits who made this happen. Personally, I must thank our administrator, Laura Harrigan, and musician and vestry member, Susan Hollinger, for all their help and encouragement. Despite the challenges, this was a joyful effort, and these two ladies helped your supply priest to rejoice, indeed.

He is risen, indeed, and we see him in the eyes and smiles of those who share with us in the Body of Christ.

God bless you and keep you.

With love and good wishes,
Mother Georgia+

A PROMISE: when this pandemic abates, and we can meet again, we will have an Easter Eucharist in the sanctuary, and a dinner in the parish hall, and it will be wonderful!,
To say Morning Prayer at home on Sunday, April 12th, you can view the Virtual Worship Service and follow along using the bulletin. You can also do Morning Prayer on your own using the bulletin or you can use other electronic sites (URL follows at bottom of page).

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